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People Powered Moment

It’s not often that I listen to Democracy Now! and come away not feeling depressed. However, today’s show featured three stories highlighting the difference people can make against big media, big oil and conservative politicians. The first story was about

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2011 – A Year of Global Uprisings

Happy New Year, Everyone I was listening to Democracy Now! earlier this week as they looked back at all of the uprisings around the world during 2011. From Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to Spain, England, Syria, Bahrain, Chile and more, including

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Please help my friend Sam

I met Sam Mayfield (real name Shirley Ann Mayfield – no relation to Sandra) – that’s her holding the video  camera – when she worked at the Center for Media & Democracy in Burlington helping non-profits get their message out

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Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

  I went to the Defend the Dream rally in Burlington this afternoon. There was a small, but vocal group of about 60 people there. A couple of the speakers had been to Madison in the past few weeks and

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My Heart is in Madison Today

Tractorcade in Madison 2 a photo by SEIU International on Flickr. can’t get enough tractorcade a photo by Hot Lava on Flickr. Scott Walker-Total Recall a photo by Render Engine on Flickr. Some scenes from the rally in Madison today.

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