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Where is the Dickens of our time?

“The present splendid brotherhood of fiction-writers in England, whose graphic and eloquent pages have issued to the world more political and social truths than have been uttered by all the professional politicians, publicists and moralists put together” – Karl Marx

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Gov. Shumlin Flip-flops on Taxes?!?

Or, why it’s OK to tax those who can afford it sometimes, but not others? I was listening to the Mark Johnson Show yesterday when he was interviewing the Governor and they started talking about the budget bill. The Governor

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My Heart is in Madison Today

Tractorcade in Madison 2 a photo by SEIU International on Flickr. can’t get enough tractorcade a photo by Hot Lava on Flickr. Scott Walker-Total Recall a photo by Render Engine on Flickr. Some scenes from the rally in Madison today.

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