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As this movement has continued to grow, the establishment and their police forces have started to move in on the Occupiers. Oakland looked like a war zone yesterday. The Mayor of Atlanta decided that enough was enough and had the police move the Occupiers out of Woodruff Park. He went to the offices of Sun-Trust Bank overlooking the park to watch the action. Who said irony is dead?

I have read and watched many things about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and would like to share two of the most powerful that I have seen.

Chris Hedges, who spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years, spoke here in VT around the anniversary of 9/11. He was not very optimistic about the future of our country. He spoke in Washington, DC at the October 2011 Occupation in Freedom Plaza. Here are some excerpts – you can read all of it at Truthdig

There are no excuses left. Either you join the revolt taking place on Wall Street and in the financial districts of other cities across the country or you stand on the wrong side of history. Either you obstruct, in the only form left to us, which is civil disobedience, the plundering by the criminal class on Wall Street and accelerated destruction of the ecosystem that sustains the human species, or become the passive enabler of a monstrous evil. Either you taste, feel and smell the intoxication of freedom and revolt or sink into the miasma of despair and apathy. Either you are a rebel or a slave.

Those on the streets around Wall Street are the physical embodiment of hope. They know that hope has a cost, that it is not easy or comfortable, that it requires self-sacrifice and discomfort and finally faith. They sleep on concrete every night. Their clothes are soiled. They have eaten more bagels and peanut butter than they ever thought possible. They have tasted fear, been beaten, gone to jail, been blinded by pepper spray, cried, hugged each other, laughed, sung, talked too long in general assemblies, seen their chants drift upward to the office towers above them, wondered if it is worth it, if anyone cares, if they will win. But as long as they remain steadfast they point the way out of the corporate labyrinth. This is what it means to be alive. They are the best among us.

This video is very powerful because it shows the hypocrisy of our leaders in wanting freedom and police protections for the protesters in the Middle East while police are pepper-spraying the Occupiers of Wall Street.


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