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I’ve been following what is happening in New York with the #occupywallstreet Movement. The reports today are that the NYPD allowed a march across the Brooklyn Bridge and then started arresting over 400 of them.

But the issues with the police distract attention from the reason the protesters are camped in Liberty Plaza – to focus attention on the crimes of Wall Street and the way the top 1% are squeezing the life out of the rest of us. This photo captures it.

Remember when...

There are complaints that the OccupyWallStreet protesters don’t have a clear message, but where do they start? How can they mandate getting rid of corruption? How can they break up the too big to fail banks? How can they get the 1% to care about the rest of us?

I don’t have the answers but maybe, through their work and the work of others in cities across the US and the world, the rest of us will find our voices and demand that answers and solutions are found.


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