The lengths some Vermonters will go to see the Sun

Quebec City

The "rue" that our B&B was on in Quebec City

It all began innocently with an email from a coworker last Wednesday offering a couple of tix to the terra-cotta army exhibit in Montreal. The weather in Vermont has been dreary. Rain, clouds and more rain.

After exchanging emails about the merits of visiting Montreal and seeing that the weather in Quebec City – one of our favorite places – was forecast for sunny and 70s, we decided to make a weekend of it in Quebec City.

By Friday the forecast for Vermont was overcast and rain, QC still showed sun, but mid 60s with a “light wind.”

The light wind in QC was more like, oh, 735 mph. Maybe I exaggerate, but the photos below might illustrate.

Quebec City Wind

Yes, it was sunny, but look at that flag!

Usually when we go to QC we have a picnic on the Plains of Abraham. There is a small mall of shops where we get cheeses, breads and croissants, and salad. However, when we opened the car doors and they almost flew off their hinges we decided to picnic at the B&B instead.

After our picnic we spent about 3 hours walking around the city. If you have never been to QC, it is a wonderful town for walking with lots of shops, boutiques and historic buildings. But bring your walking shoes, there are many steep hills and stairs, along with the walls that surround the old city.

Quebec City street with boutiques and shops

Quebec City street with boutiques and shops

Sunday was another sunny day – without the wind. We ventured to Montmorency Falls and Ile D’Orleans, an island near QC.

Montmorency Falls was quite spectacular after all the rain this Spring

View from the top of the Falls of Ile D'Orleans

Ile D’Orleans is a beautiful island with several small towns along the shore and a lot of agriculture. One of our favorite delights from there is sugar pie or tarte au sucre – made with maple sugar. We enjoy it with a little whipping cream poured over it to cut the sweetness a bit. Bon Appetit!


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