My Evening with Bernie

One of my US Senators, Bernie Sanders, held a town hall meeting on the economy in St. Albans this evening. There were over 200 people who attended on this first day of Spring, when it was snowing and the roads were slippery (thanks Mother Nature).

The speech above, given in December of last year, is typical Bernie and he was the same tonite. He spoke briefly, but talked about the disparity between the richest 1% in our country and the rest of us. This disparity, and the fact that most of the politicians in Washington refuse to address it, is one of the biggest issues facing this country. He talked about his attempt to add a payment of $250 for people on Social Security who have not had a cost of living increase for the past two years – and how it was defeated at the same time the tax cuts for the wealthy were extended.

There was a panel of people from community organizations that talked about the impact the recession, and possible budget cuts, are having on them and the people they serve. A woman for the community homeless shelter talked about the families that she is seeing in their shelter – people who have lost their homes because they had to choose between paying their mortgage or buying fuel or food.

Bernie’s office has created a short booklet “Struggling Through the Recession” with stories from Vermonters, and folks around the country, on the impact the recession has had on them. Please take the time to download it and read it.

I have great respect for Bernie. He is always holding town meetings in communities across the state. His offices are staffed by people who do all they can to help. Most importantly, he understands and works for the working people of this state and the country and is not afraid to stand up for them.

Thanks, Bernie.


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