Why we pay taxes…

or Thanks Fairfax Fire & Rescue for being there when you’re needed

Fairfax, VT firemen

Photo of Fairfax Firemen from VTGrandpa.com Photo Gallery

This afternoon, just as the sun was setting, we noticed the smell of burning plastic in the basement. The pipe that attaches to the chimney from our wood boiler was orange hot.

We called 911 and within minutes Fairfax Fire & Rescue showed up.

Our squad is all volunteer. They took time out of their day and showed up with temperatures below zero to do their job promptly, professionally and courteously. They are our neighbors and they take their responsibilities seriously.

They noticed that there was no smoke coming out of the chimney. The boiler was ready for me to add more wood, but there were still plenty of coals.

They sent a couple of guys up to the roof to drop a chain down the pipe to clear any blockage. When the chain came down, so did quite a bit of creosote. Once the blockage was cleared, you could hear the sound of the smoke going up the chimney.

The Chief used an infrared scanner to check the temperature of the stack that houses the chimney on all of the floors. They also checked for CO2.

Everything checked out, but we were told not to use the wood boiler until the chimney is cleaned and inspected – which was not welcome news since we had the chimney cleaned and inspected before the heating season and the low tonight is going to be about minus 20, but the right thing to do.

So, back to the title of this post.

The property taxes in this town are comparable to other towns here in VT, but compared to those in other states they are higher. Most of the taxes are for the school, a smaller portion for the town. I don’t have qualms about paying them because they help pay for our Fire & Rescue squad along with our plowed roads in the winter (late fall and early spring, also) and more.

Although the Fire & Rescue squad is all volunteer, their equipment, vehicles and facility are a considerable expense. Our taxes help pay for those things that allow them to do their job efficiently.

I am grateful all of it is there when needed. Thanks for being there for us today.


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