Small Town Living

We live in a small town about 35 minutes north of Burlington. There are several gas stations/convenience stores – mom and pop stores, you might say – in town, along with a bakery with breakfast and lunch items, a restaurant and a hardware store.

Last year I bought a weed wacker from a hardware store about 25 minutes away. The line wasn’t working and I couldn’t get the housing for it opened. I took it to the hardware store up the street and two of the people there worked for about 10 minutes to get the thing opened and repair it so it was working again. I offered to pay for their time, and they said it wasn’t necessary. Today we needed some wood to finish our new firewood shed. They put it in one of their personal trucks and delivered it.

Working on the house for the past seven years, we’ve been to the hardware store alot, so I’m a familiar face. They’ve answered questions about electrical wiring and who to call to haul off brush. It’s a great resource and I appreciate the service they provide and their attitude.

That said, it doesn’t mean that they’re behind the times. Today we went there looking for nails to use with pressure treated wood. We had been told at Lowe’s or Home Depot that the chemicals they use these days were different and the types of nails they used to recommend wouldn’t work well. One of the young men who was working with us turned to the computer and Googled for the answer and we got the screws we needed.

The other advantage of living here are the clear skies at night. Tonight the low is supposed to be in the upper 40s – just a reminder that Fall is coming – and the air is crisp and clear. The stars tonight were beautiful. Venus, Mars and Saturn were visible setting after sunset. Scorpio to the south, and across the sky the Milky Way stretched from one end of the sky to the other.

Just heavenly.


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