Garden Update

I started my garden early this year. We had some warm days in mid-March, so I planted some seeds. I planted beet, spinach and lettuce seeds – four sets of them over a couple of months. Then on April 15 I took the bold step of planting frost resistant plants – kale & lettuce. They proceeded to get 5 inches of wet snow dropped on them a week later. But they all survived!

By mid-June when most gardens are just getting started, we’ve already harvested spinach, beet greens, lettuce (head and leaf) and kale.

I added two new raised beds this year, so now we have four. We currently have growing – along with the stuff listed above – tomato, basil, oregano, peppers, squashes (summer & winter), Brussel sprouts, okra and eggplant.

Look for my next update soon. Also forgot to mention, we have blackberries now also.

Pictures below are – head of lettuce that got snowed on, kale and lettuce, lettuce, beet greens and spinach from seed, and Brussel sprouts.


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