Springtime in Vermont

I went to the health food store today and there were plants there – kale, lettuce, brussel sprouts and more. We have had an early Spring this year – in the low 60s today. In some years, we would still have snow on the ground until early May.

I planted some seeds about four weeks ago – but I want something to pick sooner. So I bought a couple of flats of kale and one of lettuce. All are frost resistant, so if we do get another frost they will be OK.

I love the feeling of the soil as I’m putting the plants in the ground.

This is a magical time of year. It always amazes me how quickly the leaves appear and grow once everything thaws. All of the different shades of the color green. When I think about all of the energy behind this explosion of color and life it is quite amazing.


I write about nutrition, health, food-related issues and spirituality at Whole Food-Whole Life.

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