To iPad or not to iPad?

I went down to our local Apple retailer – Small Dog Electronics (always by your side) to see the iPad yesterday. They had 60 when they opened the doors Saturday morning and they were sold out  in 10 minutes. They had three demo machines and a steady stream of people there to test drive them.

It is definitely a cool machine and I can see the usefulness of it for everyday surfing and watching videos. However, I think the keyboard would take some getting used to and would get tedious trying to do a blog post or something that is more than a short bit of typing.

While I was there, I looked at the MacBook Pro notebooks. What a beautiful machine.

One thing these machines and the iPad share is the crisp image on the screen. The colors are bright and the images are sharp.

Is it enough that this is a portable viewer and not a PC replacement? Time will tell?


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